Why Choose Us

Assessed by Professionals

You are assessed by Ms. Clare Gillespie (Senior Orthoptist), Ms. Aisling Prior (Clinical Optometrist), and Ms. Fiona O' Dell (Clinical Optometrist). All assessments are later discussed with the treating doctor so that the appropriate treatment can be selected.

Procedure Carried out by an Experienced Locally Based Ophthalmic Surgeon

Your procedure is carried out by a senior ophthalmic surgeon (Mr. Kinsella). Mr. Kinsella has personally performed more than 15,000 procedures since 2002.

Some of our competitors advertise that their surgeons have a "combined" experience of vast numbers of cases, but in practice each surgeon's individual experience can be quite limited.

Furthermore some commercial clinics have their surgeons fly in from abroad and carry out laser surgery leaving your review to a local optician. In our clinic you are reviewed by the operating surgeon allowing complications to be detected and dealt with in a timely fashion.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our laser machine is the very latest generation Teneo Technolas 317 Excimer laser machine. Particular advantages of this machine are iris recognition (allowing very accurate astigmatic treatment) and significant reduction in treatment time (only 8-10 seconds lasering).

Treatment in a Private Hospital

Your treatment is in a hospital setting rather than in a commercial clinic. In the extremely unlikely event of complications you have access to hospital resources and operating theatres, which significantly increases safety where time is of the essence.

Detection of Latent Ophthalmic Problems

As your assessment is by a general ophthalmic practice (rather than simply a laser chain), other latent ophthalmic problems may be detected and managed.