The Western Laser Clinic

The Western Laser Clinic was established in 2002 and is part of a general ophthalmic practice called The Western Eye Clinic located in suites 14 and 15 of the Galway Clinic, Doughiska, Galway.

The Western Laser Clinic is run by Mr. Frank Kinsella Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon.

Unlike the majority of laser chains operating in Ireland, we are experts in tailoring treatments to complex ophthalmic problems such as patients with childhood squint or previous retinal or corneal conditions. This is because our laser clinic is part of a busy general eye clinic that treats a myriad of ophthalmic conditions.

One of the key reasons for our consistently good results is that we have had the same theatre nursing team since we opened the laser clinic in 2002. Having the same team present for all those years leads to a stable well-functioning operating room.

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