What happy past customers have said about their experiences at the Western Laser Clinic.

Eamonn Cooney

Telecommunications Engineer from Dundalk, County Louth

Due to the nature of my job and the active lifestyle that I lead I decided to look into having laser surgery to correct my vision. I did a lot of research beforehand and found that the Western Laser Clinic came highly recommended. After a quick phone call I had an appointment booked and made my way over to Galway to meet with Mr. Frank Kinsella the following week. I have to say I was highly impressed with the efficiency of the consultation. My eyes were examined using a number of machines along with a thorough examination by Mr. Kinsella. I was informed that I was a suitable candidate for surgery and decided pretty much immediately that I would have it done. I thought on the day of the surgery I would be a bundle of nerves but I have to say the staff were extremely professional and made me feel very much at ease. The efficiency in which the surgery was performed was second to none. I did not feel any discomfort whatsoever. The next morning Mr. Kinsella inspected my eyes and gave me a leaflet detailing how to care for my eyes in the coming days. It is well over a year now since I got my vision corrected and I have to say I am extremely pleased with the results. My vision is absolutely perfect. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of having surgery to consider the Western Laser Clinic. It really does change your life.

Denise Keane-O’Mahony

Accounts Assistant from Dungarvan, County Waterford

After years of wearing glasses it feels wonderful not to have to wear them anymore! I was quite worried the morning of my procedure but I was immediately put at ease by the staff and my Consultant, I had nothing to be worried about the procedure went smoothly, fast and pain free! I am so happy and just sorry I did not get it done sooner! I would highly recommend the Western Eye Clinic to anyone needing their vision corrected. Many thanks to everyone.

Enda Hogan

Horse Sport Ireland from Leixlip, County Kildare

Having been terrified at the thought of Laser Surgery, I honestly don't know why I waited so long, it was a simple in and out procedure. The benefits of laser surgery are endless especially if your involved in any kind of sports, glasses and contacts are such a nuisance. The aftercare service provided by the Western Eye Clinic greatly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Laser surgery to anybody, three years later I have had no negative side affects.

Jean Fitzsimons

Aer Lingus (retired) from Celbridge, County Kildare

A friend had laser surgery at the Western Laser Clinic, performed by Mr Kinsella and his team, and was delighted with the results. Based on her experiences I decided to go for a consultation. I had worn glasses since I was two and a half years old (over fifty years) so the reputation of the clinic and surgeon I attended was very important to me. After a very thorough examination by Mr Kinsella, he explained that laser treatment in my case would simply get rid of my distance glasses and I would still need to wear glasses for reading. The alternative for me was to get multifocal lenses which would give me long, medium and close vision. I decided on this treatment and the operations were highly successful. It is now nearly two years since my operations and I am absolutely delighted with the results. My friends are amazed when I am the only one who manages to read the menu in dimly lit restaurants. I would highly recommend all aspects of service at the Western Laser Clinic.

Ursula 'O Melia

Secondary School Teacher from Dublin 12, County Dublin

The procedure was exceptionally quick and pain free. Mr Kinsella and his team were very friendly and professional, putting me at ease. The day after the surgery I could see without glasses or lenses which was truly amazing. It is 5 years since I had the surgery and my eyesight is still fantastic. I’d highly recommend the Western Eye Clinic to anyone considering laser eye surgery.

David Glynn

Riding Instructor and Livery Yard Owner from Galway, County Galway

I found the care under Frank's team to be completely professional, caring and thorough at all times. The whole procedure was quick, relatively painless and was completed in less than an hour. My recovery was speedy and I received excellent aftercare. The benefits to me were immediately apparent, I noticed particular improvement whilst driving and horse riding. I would recommend Frank and his team in the Western Laser Clinic wholeheartedly. Having this corrective laser surgery has had an immense positive impact on my life both professionally and socially.

PJ Mc Auliffe

Doctor from Birr, County Offaly

I had laser eye surgery performed by Mr. Kinsella a few years ago and wish to emphasize how pleased I was with the professionalism and efficiency of the Western Laser Clinic staff and also of course with the excellent outcome of the surgery. Like many of my own patients, when they have this surgery done, my only regret is not having had it done years earlier. I now have no hesitation in recommending the Western Laser Clinic to anybody considering laser eye surgery. Thanks again to Frank, Geraldine and all the staff for the excellent courteous service and the excellent surgical result.

Joaen O Dowd

Veterinary Nurse

It is only a few weeks since my surgery and my vision is 100%. Mr. Kinsella and his wonderful nurses did a wonderful job and really helped me as I was a bit nervous! For the first few days when I woke up I searched for my glasses, forgetting my eyes were lasered. Life is so much better without glasses or contacts, I used to hate putting my contacts in every time the sun came out just so I could wear my sun-glasses, but now all I have to do is pop them on!

Christopher McGuigan

Training Commercial Pilot from Ballina, County Co. mayo

Having needed glasses for the last few years for everyday use, I decided to choose Western Laser Clinic to get the laser eye procedure and I am so glad I did! It is an amazing and pain free process and after a night resting my eyes I woke up to a huge difference and already had a massive improvement and after a couple of days my eyesight was like it was with glasses before. This is a massive help for me as training to be commercial pilot with glasses it requires so much paperwork and spare glasses, contacts etc. and now all I need is an eye test and thats it! Thanks very much to all at Western Laser Clinic for the life changing procedure and the brilliant care when I was there. I would recommend anyone to Mr. Kinsella and his team!

Sharon Lydon


I can honestly say the best decision I ever made was to have laser eye surgery, I am so happy with the results as I struggled for years with glasses and then with contact lenses. It is without doubt a joy to wake in the morning and be able to look around without the aid of glasses. Both my sisters had laser eye surgery in the Galway Clinic a few years ago and they both had fantastic results so I already had great faith in Mr. Frank Kinsella. I had my assessment and Mr. Kinsella's team were brilliant, everything was explained in great detail and my Mum was so impressed that she also made an appointment for eye surgery the week after my surgery. The procedure was straight forward and we could see straight away after it, my eyesight is even better now than when I wore contact lenses. I would highly recommend this surgery, many thanks to Mr. Kinsella and his excellent team.

Siodhna O 'Dowd

from Shrule, County Co. galway

What a life changing experience! Having struggled with the inconvenience of glasses and contact lenses for years I was absolutely amazed at how quick and painless the treatment is. In fact my vision is actually sharper than it had been before the surgery. I don’t know why I waited so long, it's truly remarkable. I couldn't be more impressed with the level of professionalism from Mr. Kinsella and his team. From the initial phone call with the receptionist right until the follow up appointment, I was 110% looked after. The staff at the clinic are genuinely friendly and caring and I felt at ease throughout. My standard of life has dramatically improved, not having to worry about removing my contact lenses before swimming or having them dry out while sunbathing - just waking up and seeing things clearly! I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending the Western Laser Clinic to anyone with poor vision. Many thanks again to Mr. Kinsella and his fantastic team for giving me the gift of perfect vision.

Elaine Waldron

from Castlebar, County Mayo

My experience of Mr. Kinsella and his team at the Galway Clinic is a very positive one. He came recommended by two friends who are former patients. From the initial consultation I felt that I was in very good hands. The initial examination was professional and thorough, the options were clearly explained to me, and at no time did I feel under any pressure to commit to the surgery. 'Monovision' was the recommended option, which I went ahead with after wearing trial contact lenses for a few days. In layman's language this means that one eye is corrected for long vision, and the other eye is corrected for near vision. The surgery is fast and painless, but I have to admit, it is a bit 'weird'. You are awake and fully aware of everything that is happening. I got both eyes done together, which took about 15-20 minutes. After the surgery I was driven home and went to bed. My eyes were stingy and watery for a few hours, but then settled. I woke the next morning and for the first time in more than 20 years didn't have to reach for the glasses. The afternoon following the surgery I met again with Mr Kinsella, who examined his handy-work, and again one week later. It's now just two weeks since my laser. I should have done it years ago.

Mary Ginty

Hairdresser from Westport, County Mayo

I cannot thank Mr. Kinsella and all his team enough. I was extremely nervous before the surgery but Mr. Kinsella and the nurses were exceptional during the whole process and put me at ease. The pre-consultation was very thorough, they explained everything and answered all my questions. The receptionists were so helpful every time I called and could not do enough for me. Thanks again to all the staff.

Michael J. Heneghan

Maintenance Engineer from Ballinrobe, County Mayo

Due to the nature of my job and my age bracket it was necessary for me to wear reading glasses for the past few years. Other members of my family had been to the Western Laser Clinic and had laser surgery carried out which was 100% successful. I decided to make an appointment with Mr. Kinsella and have a consultation. During this consultation I got a thorough examination with the latest hi-tech equipment. Following this Mr. Kinsella explained to me in detail that I was suitable for the latest procedure which is called ‘supracor’. An appointment was made a few weeks later for the procedure. By the fact that other members of my family had been through a similar procedure, I was well aware of what lay ahead and had no fear. On the day the staff made me feel so at ease and during the procedure I was kept well informed so therefore I was fully aware of what was happening. It was carried out to perfection without any pain or discomfort and I felt I was in the hands of a professional. The next day I had a check-up with Mr. Kinsella and everything was fine and this was followed by another appointment the following week. I have returned to work and it feels wonderful not to have to wear glasses for reading or close up work anymore. I would highly recommend that anyone who is thinking of having laser surgery to at least have a consultation with Mr. Kinsella to check your suitability as there is always new procedures coming on stream. Thank you Mr. Kinsella and all your very helpful staff for a job well done.

Andrew Begley

I was very happy with my decision to attend the Galway Clinic for lasek surgery. The staff were welcoming, approachable and friendly. My case was treated with the utmost professionalism and I felt at ease during my time spent there.

Breda Downes

Delighted to say that I had Laser treatment done recently at the western eye clinic at the Galway clinic. My experience was so positive from the minute I stepped inside suite 14. Mr Frank Kinsella & Dr Geraldine Comer and their excellent team were so efficient and so welcoming through out all my visits there. The procedure itself was amazing. Mr Kinsella reassured me all the way through & told me exactly what he was doing at all stages so that really relaxes you. I am so delighted with the final result & would recommend it to anybody who is contemplating doing it in the future. Thanks a million to Mr Frank Kinsella & his wonderful caring & very pleasant team.

Bridie Ruane


I had Multifocal Implants done on my eyes on the 25th July, 2014 in the care of Frank Kinsella. I found him to be excellent and I am very happy to have had it done. It is fantastic not having to use glasses for either distance or reading any more, and it also makes me feel younger! I am feeling great with my new eyes.

Sharon Flannery

Legal Secretary from Sligo, County Sligo

After years of wearing glasses I decided to go for a consultation about Laser Surgery. I had worn glasses for years (over 22 years) that always seemed to irate my nose and bumbled with contact lenses that always seem to dry out my eyes and were just totally inconvenient. I work as a Legal Secretary and therefore I am behind a computer nearly 8 hours daily so I decided to go for the Consultation. The reputation of the Clinic and Surgeon I attended was very important to me. After a very thorough examination by Mr. Kinsella, he explained that laser treatment in my case would simply get rid of my distance glasses and I would still need to wear glasses for reading. I decided to go for it and the operation was highly successful. It is now 4 months since my surgery and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I do not need any glasses at all, and I could see immediately after the surgery. I would highly recommend all aspects of service at The Western Laser Clinic, Galway. Thank you Dr. Kinsella and indeed all the Staff.

Clare Morley

I have had laser eye surgery carried out by Mr. Kinsella recently in The Galway Clinic. I was very nervous about the whole process but Frank and his team were absolutely brilliant from the very start to finish, they explained everything putting me completely at ease. I am delighted with the outcome of not having to wear glasses ever again. Thanks to all the team.

Éamonn Ó Neachtain

Public Servant from Dingle, County Co. kerry

To the team at the Western Eye Clinic It has been some six weeks now since I underwent laser treatment to correct my vision. It has been a wonderful six weeks. It is hard to explain how such a seemingly simple procedure can have such a remarkable and liberating impact on the ordinary day-to-day routines of life. To talk of ‘Life-Changing’ might amount to losing the run of myself, but it has improved the quality of my life immeasurably. I would like to thank all of the professionals involved for their courtesy, their care and their professionalism. Like many others, I have no idea now as to why I didn’t make this decision many years ago. But now that I have, I can only say to those sceptical, uncertain or anxious about the procedure, the risks or the benefits, go and make yourself the gift of meeting with these fine people and consider what a life without the specs has to offer to you too.

Peggie Moynihan


I am an Orthoptist and never considered laser surgery until I began working when I became completely dependant on my glasses. The decision to get laser was easy when I saw the excellent service offered in the Galway clinic. All the staff (Dr. Comer, Joanne and Mary) in the clinic put me completely at ease the days leading up to and after the surgery, and it was very clear I was in good hands with a reputable surgeon like Mr. Kinsella. The day of the procedure I began to get slightly nervous but these nerves dissolved once I entered the laser room. Mr. Kinsella and the two nurses made me completely relaxed explaining each step of the procedure to me. The whole experience was so much easier than I could have imagined, I had nothing to worry about. The next day the improvement was incredible being able to see people's faces and reading signs without reaching for my glasses. Getting laser is the best decision I have ever made it has helped me not only in everyday life but also in my work. I cannot thank the staff at the Western eye clinic enough.

Micheal Davoren

Master's Student

The procedure was so easy, painless and quick, literally not more than 35 seconds per eye. Loved the fact that there was no need for any needles, etc. Woke up the next day a very different man! The staff are fantastic. Being from a scientific background myself in college- I asked a lot of questions, I can state from experience that all the staff were immensely professional, informative, patient and engaging. The team in the Galway Clinic are one of the reasons why this surgery is so important and needs the right professionals. I believe it definitely pays to have the experience, reassurance and quality of the Galway clinicians performing on your eyes. I always felt restricted by glasses and prior to the surgery I can honestly admit that I was abusing my contact lenses in my younger years- easily and often wearing them for more than 12 hours a day, especially when working. This surgery has given me so much freedom!

David Sharkey


As a student I had depended on glasses for years in class, I couldn't see a thing written on a board without my glasses. The day after the surgery I attended a lecture and for the first time everything was crystal clear. There was no more straining. Immediate results and Dr. Kinsella and his staff were so helpful and professional before, during, and after the procedure. It was painless has improved my life immensely. I would suggest this procedure to anyone who wears glasses. I'm extremely happy with the results. Thank you.

Norah Kenny


I am thrilled with the results of my laser surgery with Dr. Kinsella. I was wearing high index glasses and toric contact lenses for decades as I wasn't a suitable candidate for laser surgery until this year (on assessment at another facility a few years ago, my only option was removing my own lenses/inserting artificial prescription lenses AND laser eye surgery. At that time it would have meant 4 separate operations at least a week apart and considerably higher risks and a relatively huge aftercare and follow up burden. I'm so glad I waited.) I've gone from being unable to see enough to determine who was sitting beside me at a dinner table without glasses to 20/20 vision in one straight forward procedure. As someone with a complex prescription—and also as a nurse—it was absolutely essential to me to have the procedure done by an experienced surgeon in a hospital setting should any unforeseen issues arise. I was thoroughly screened by Dr. Comer and Dr. Kinsella as well as an extremely professional ophthalmic technician beforehand. The equipment used for screening and for the surgery itself is state of the art and every member of staff I encountered was highly qualified and experienced. The procedure itself felt very safe, two experienced nurses were present with Dr. Kinsella and I was completely relaxed in their competent care. After so long bearing the inconvenience, expense and discomfort of contact lenses and glasses, the freedom and comfort I now have is astonishing. I really couldn't have comprehended how much of an improvement to my quality of life it would mean prior to the surgery. I would have been delighted with "normal" lower prescription glasses and never imagined perfect vision. The setup in the Galway clinic is very professional, the clerical staff are so helpful and knowledgeable which is great for a non-local and made arrangement of the appointments and procedure easy. I followed the aftercare instructions to the letter and am now 3 months post surgery and haven't had any issues. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Galway clinic for their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to supporting clients throughout the process from pre-assessment screening to after care.

Rachel O'Connor


I underwent my ICL surgery in February 2024 with Mr Kinsella. My eyesight was -7.50, I was wearing either glasses or contact lenses 24/7. I work as a nurse and the constant wearing of contacts was starting to affect my eyes during long shifts. I had originally underwent my consultation with the hopes of having laser eye surgery but I soon found out during my consultation I was not a suitable candidate for it. I was anxious when I first heard about the ICL surgery as it was unknown to me but from the moment I first entered Mr Kinsella's office for my consultation, during my procedure and post procedure I received the utmost reassurance and support from Mr Kinsella and Claire. The ICL surgery was explained in great detail to me by Claire and there was never any pressure felt to commit to having the procedure. Any worries or doubts I had about the procedure was explained thoroughly to me with great compassion either in person or simply over the phone. I cannot express how grateful I am to the both of them during my time under their care as they have changed my life. I will never forget my first day after the procedure, waking up and being able to see perfectly it felt like a dream. I am now 4 months post ICL and I have had no negative effects from the procedure everything went perfectly. I am now able to see without glasses or contacts which is a huge deal to me, I wish I had done it sooner! Thank you again to Mr Kinsella and Claire!

Aoife Bergin

I attended the Western Eye Clinic recently for laser eye surgery. I found Mr Kinsella to be very personable with excellent attention to detail. I attended most appts with my baby in tow and the team couldn’t have been more accommodating. I have had a fantastic result. I now wake up every day with perfect vision and am spared the effort of changing contact lenses daily. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! I am very grateful to Mr Kinsella and his wonderful team and couldn’t recommend this clinic more highly.